Artificial Grass

artificial grass installation - Pavers and Turf by O'neill

At Pavers and Turf in Pleasanton, CA, we create beautiful landscapes with our artificial grass installation.

Give your children a safe place to play and let your pets run free without worrying about them getting dirty.

Go with Pavers and Turf so that we can create the perfect landscape for your home that will last for years to come!

Landscape Artificial Grass

Pavers And Turf can improve your commercial or residential landscape with our artificial grass. A green vibrant looking outdoors will change the effect it has on outsiders. For a commercial property having a green landscape can be pleasant for employees and customers.

Our landscaping turf is designed to resemble healthy, well-maintained natural grass. You won’t be able to tell it’s not real grass. Artificial turf also cuts down on yard maintenance like mowing and watering your lawn.

To keep your lawn looking bright, green, and well-kept, we mix cutting-edge grass fibers with natural-looking thatch and infill procedures. Artificial grass can last for 10 to 15 years depending on the quality of the turf you install.

Landscape Artificial Grass from Pavers and Turf by O'neill
Pet Turf Artificial Grass by Pavers and Turf by O'neill

Pet Turf Artificial Grass

Installing turf for your pet is a great way to go. Artificial turf will make it fun for pets to run around and lay on the ground while being clean. Your pets will stay clean and free of any mud and dirt. Your pet will love the feel of the grass. Pet turf is specially designed to withstand a pet’s paws. Having a pet outdoor area will make it easy for pet owners to keep their pet active and playful. Outdoor time is important and having artificial turf will make this experience pleasurable.


Playground Artificial Turf In San Francisco Bay Area

If you want to install playground turf for kids and adults who like to play outdoors, playground artificial turf is the way to go. We install playground turf for homes, schools, universities, colleges, parks, and more. The durable and pliable material of the playground turf will ensure the players are safe when they fall down. Kids will be able to wrestle around and not get dirty or nick themselves when they play on the artificial turf. The low maintenance aspect of the playground’s artificial turf also makes it a popular choice.

Playground Artificial Turf in San Francisco Bay Area by Pavers and Turf by O'neill